New Beginnings Ritual Kit

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The New Beginnings Ritual Kit will help you start over and make way for new things in your life. 

This bundle is for you who wants to have a second chance. It's about time for a fresh start and reversal of fortune. It is time to call upon change. Let go of the past that is holding you back, and welcome new and enriching experiences into your life. 

This bundle includes:

  • 1 amulet carved with symbols of good fortune
  • 1 new beginnings ritual candle
  • 1 green velveteen bag 
  • 1 pack of purification blend herbs
  • 1 pack of empowerment blend herbs
  • 1 charcoal
  • 1 cotton bag

This bundle is for:

  • Starting over a new life
  • Letting go of the past and negative habits
  • Developing new habits and new thoughts
  • Attracting good fortune
  • Opening up to new experiences
  • Bringing magick into a new chapter in your life

This New Beginnings Bundle is perfect for New Moon Rituals, Full Moon Rituals, and New Year Rituals. It is your companion for embarking on a new journey in your life!

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