Little Pocket Book Of Crystal Tips and Cures

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"The Little Pocket Book Of Crystal Tips and Cures will educate you on the power crystals and how you can use them to transform your life and bring you health, wealth, love, prosperity and happiness!"

The Little Pocket Book Of Crystal Tips and Cures is a beautifully illustrated book of 101 crystals arranged according to color to make it easy for you to navigate through the pages for reference. This book will also teach you which crystal to wear for a specific purpose, what crystal to place around your home according to what you want to achieve, and what crystal pendulum to use for your purpose. You will also find the right crystal for someone like you and the right birth crystal according to when you were born. 

What's more, the book will also teach you each crystal's:

  • healing qualities
  • star sign
  • chakra point
  • benefit to the body, mind, and spirit

The Little Pocket Book Of Crystal Tips and Cures will help turn confusion about crystals and their uses into clarity and expertise for use in magick. 

About the product:

This paperback book has 160 pages.


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