Help From Above Bundle - Flash Sale

This "Help From Above Ritual Bundle" helps you get in touch with your gods and goddesses.

  • The Triple Moon of the Goddess Necklace combines the triple moons with the Triquetra symbols into a fashionable and meaningful pendant. It is used to give you protection and guidance from the Moon Goddess.
  • The Key of Life is an ancient Egyptian symbol that was used to gain a better understanding of life and the gods. It is useful when communicating with and asking for help from the gods.
  • The God and Goddess Necklace display the Moon goddess and the Sun. It is used to help you state your intentions and to keep you on your life path.

NOTE: When you order this bundle, you'll also get the "Help From Above" ritual (including spells and chants) sent to you INSTANTLY via email, in PDF format (even if it's 3.00 am) - You can print the PDF or simply read it on your computer, phone, tablet or kindle.