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Healing Pillar Candle with Faery Dust from The Moonlight Shop

Healing Pillar Candle with Faery Dust

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"The Healing Pillar Candle with Faery Dust will work with the Faeries to bring healing into your life.."

The Healing Pillar Candle with Faery Dust is for you who has been broken and hurt and needs healing from within. Faery magick enhances this candles healing properties. Those from the Fae Realm will listen to your calling out to them and be very helpful during times of need. Always have the faery dust necklace with you at all times to feel the healing taking place inside you. 

Product Details

This candle is in forest green color and made in the USA. It measures approximately 6 1/4" x 2" and comes with a faery dust  vial necklace. The faery dust is in a pewter and glass enclosure and measures approximately 1 5/8"; comes with a natural white cord. 

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