Garnet Gemstone Bracelet

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The Garnet Gemstone Bracelet features the garnet stones of high energy, vitality, and positive attitude for a happier life filled with optimism and opportunities. 

The Garnet Gemstone Bracelet is made up of the garnet stone of love. Not only romantic love, but love in every aspect. It will stoke a fire in you, make you take action, and be more passionate in your pursuits and more devoted in your relationships.

  • It will make you more sensual; increasing your sexual appetite.
  • It will make you more committed in your endeavors and relationships.
  • It will make your more self-aware, decluttering your mind.
  • It will increase your endurance and bodily strength, and ready to take on many things. 

Not two bracelets are 100% identical. Each gemstone is unique in color and size. This makes it a very personal bracelet.

Product Details:

The bracelet "fits most" and measures approximately 2.50" (unstretched). While the beads measure approximately .25".

Our "100% Happy Guarantee":

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