Feather Smudging Fan

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"The Feather Smudging Fan is for smudging if you want to do it the way your ancestors did. The fanning will help disperse more smoke for thorough purifying and cleansing of a person, space, or object."

The Feather Smudging Fan is an excellent tool to douse the flame or fan it to create more smoke, helping you wash over the subject you are purifying, engulfing the object, person, or place in flames. It is also used to invite spirits to guide you or help you in your magickal workings. 

Using a feather smudging fan brings you back to the way your ancestors purify and cleansed themselves, their homes, and their things. 

About the product:

This sturdy smudging feather fan is wrapped in leather and comes with a leather tassel.  It is 10 inches long.

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