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Dragon Guardian Incense Burner from The Moonlight Shop

Dragon Guardian Incense Burner

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The Dragon Guardian Incense Burner is the perfect place to burn your incense for magick that needs the guidance of your Dragon Guardian; to clear your head, ritual space, and focus on your intentions.

The Dragon Guardian Incense Burner is for you if you're learning to communicate with dragons or if you want to communicate with your dragon guardian. This is also for the dragon lover and for the witch who is taking the dragon guardian's path of discipline. 

You set your incense stick at the foot of the Grey dragon and light it up. This will definitely bring you and your dragon guardian closer together. 

About the product:

This incense burner is made of heavy cast resin. The ash catcher features a beautiful Celtic knot design. It measures approx 11" long. 

Our "100% Happy Guarantee":
With our "100% Happy Guarantee," you are 100% safe. If you aren't totally happy with your purchase you can send it back for a full refund within 30 days.

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