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The Egyptian Cat Goddess Necklace from The Moonlight Shop

The Egyptian Cat Goddess Necklace

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"The Egyptian Cat Goddess Necklace is an homage to the powerful and mystical Egyptian cats who protected their people and warded off evil spirits.."

The Egyptian Cat Goddess Necklace is for those who understand how sacred and respected the cats were in ancient Egypt. They were guardians who were protected by the humans as much as they protected them. Just like the cat familiar who accompanies and protects you in your daily life and magickal workings, the Egyptian cats did so too.

The Egyptian Cat Goddess Bast was the "Goddess of Protection." She represents the nurturing aspects of a woman; her fertility was intensified and health improved with a Bast amulet around her neck.

Aside from that, this necklace is also for those who understand the bond between a witch and a cat familiar; it is something that transcends time, space, and different dimensions. 


The pendant is made of lead-free pewter and is hypoallergenic. It measures approximately 1 x 1 3/4 inches including the loop. It has an Antique and Satin Finish.


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