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Dove's Blood Anointing Oil from The Moonlight Shop

Dove's Blood Anointing Oil

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The Dove's Blood Anointing Oil will promote peace, love and tranquility in your life as it protects you and magnifies the strength of your spells!

  • Anoint yourself with it to protect you from harmful forces!
  • Anoint your palms, throat, and the soles of your feet with the Dove's blood anointing oil before meditating or starting a ritual, it will help you remain focused on your desire all throughout.
  • Rub it weekly on your magic tools to intensify their performance in your magickal  workings.
  • Anoint the stuff in your mojo bag to attract whatever your wish to draw into your life!
  • Anoint your birth crystals with it for it enhances the power of your zodiac sign!
  • Sprinkle drops of it outside of your home to cast a protective net over it!
  • Dress your candles with it to increase their power as they burn.

Our "100% Happy Guarantee":

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