"Clearing the Path" Bundle

This bundle is perfect to use for Mabon, to help you attract certain things in your life, when something or someone is holding you back.

It can be people, emotions, spirits or things.

The universe wants nothing more than to grant you your every wish, but if someone or something is blocking the energies, it won't happen.

This spell will help you "clear the path"!

Around the time of Mabon, when night and day are equally long, go somewhere quiet. Preferably in nature, but if that’s not possible, a quiet room will do just fine.

Step #01: What’s holding you back?

So, the very first step is to find out what’s holding you back.

Wear your Pentacle of the Ancestors, to draw on the wisdom from your elders and for protection.

Sit somewhere quiet, close your and keep asking yourself what’s holding you back until the answer is clear in your mind.

The pentacle of ancestors will help you figure out what’s blocking your way.

You may have to sit and meditate about it for a while. It’s different from person to person.

Step #02: Reject it

When you know what’s holding you back, it’s time to block the bad energies.

It all starts with a decision.

Wear your Waning Moon Pendant for help pushing the unwanted away.

In your mind's eye, imagine the thing or person that’s holding you back.

Make that image as vivid as possible. Hold your Waning Moon Pendant and say the following while you imagine pushing it further and further away with a blast of light:

''Nine became the Mother's Sisters,

Then the nine became the eight,

and the eight became the seven,

and the seven became the six,

and the six became the five,

and the five became the four,

and the four became the three,

and the three became the two,

and the two became the one,

and the one became the none,

So Mote It Be!''

Step #03: New Beginnings

You are free!

Now, for the next week (or as long as you feel necessary), wear your Eternal Moon Guardian necklace.

This necklace will help you focus on the future and not the past, while it protects you from negative energies.

If you find yourself going back to bad habits or letting people or emotions control you and limit you again, just do the above spell again.

Most people will need to complete this once or twice a week in the beginning.

The 3 pendants from this bundle can also be used like this:

  • When you need help banishing or pushing away, use the Crescent Moon Pendant

  • When you need protection from people, places or spirits, use the Pentacle of Ancestors

  • When you need “a push” or help with avoiding bad habits and old patterns, use the Eternal Moon Guardian


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