Cat Familiar Amulet

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The Cat Familiar Amulet will teach you about magick, sixth sense, and the outside world with its innate supernatural powers!

The Cat Familiar Amulet is for those who have been chosen by their cat familiars. It will magnify the strength of your connection to your cat familiar and help you acquire their traits, like a sixth sense!

Having a cat for a familiar is a great assistance to any witch or wizard. They are very powerful animals that can perform a variety of spells. They are also very intuitive and have an unparalleled sixth sense. Cat familiars become lifelong magickal and mystical friends of witches.

This amulet will:

  • Strengthen your connection to your familiar
  • Help with assimilating your familiar's qualities
  • Help you create more powerful spells
  • Chase away bad luck, illness, and evil spirits
  • Alert you to good and bad earthly visitors and spirits


This amulet is made of pewter and measures 1 1/2" x 1".  It comes with a black waxed cotton cord (untied).

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