Blue Onyx Emotion-Balancing Runestones

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"The Blue Onyx Emotion-Balancing Rune stones will help you maintain emotional balance, attract positive energy, have an honest connection with others, and a strong connection with the Divine."

The Blue Onyx Emotion-Balancing Rune stones are multi functional stones that relieve stress, increase self control, eliminate unwanted energy, and aid in you in honest and effective communication in your life and divination practice. 

The Blue Onyx Emotion-Balancing Rune stones will:

  • help you get through life's challenges
  • help you be emotionally balanced
  • help you persevere
  • help you be more humble
  • help you stick to good morals
  • get rid of negative energy and retain positive energy

About the product:

This rune set contains the Elder Furthark stones plus one blank rune stone. The stones are blue onyx with gold enamel engravings. The stones may vary in size from 1/2' - 1". 

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