Lucky Black Cat Amulet

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The Lucky Black Cat Amulet is a powerful good luck charm that will draw positive things in all aspects of your life like your career, studies, and relationships. 

Did you know that the black coating on a black cat skips a generation? The black coating is attached to the X chromosome! 

The black cat is a symbol of good omen and is a well-known symbol of Wicca. Black cats are often the familiars of witches. They are the perfect companions in spell casting, having the ability to sense the presence of spirits and alert you to their presence! They also serve as the bridge to help you connect to the other realm!

Black cats are bringers of good luck. If a cat passes your way or comes into your home, consider yourself lucky and expect positive things in the following days! Having a black cat amulet on you at all times will serve as a magnet for good tidings and blessings in every aspect of your life!

Product Details

This amulet is made of pewter with powder coating and comes with no cord, giving you the freedom to personalize and experiment with how to wear it!

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