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Many witches use scrying in their practice to uncover truths about themselves and the world around them. The word “scrying” means to reveal or to perceive. To be a scryer, you are crossing over to another consciousness, a mystical plain, and leaving behind your conscious mind. The formal definition being: “Scrying is the art of gazing into a dark mirror, water or crystal, going beyond the physical eyes and letting the inner psychic eye open allowing us to receive visions and information.”

The use of the crystal ball

To scry, you need a reflective surface as a medium you can gaze into. This is where the water, the candle’s flame, the mirror, or the crystal ball comes into play. The earliest use of the crystal ball recorded was by the Druids and the Scottish Highlanders. They referred to them as the “stones of power.”

In the middle ages, crystal balls were considered precious items that should be passed on from one to another. Apache medicine men would use clear quartz crystals to induce visions.

The crystal ball is also used to communicate with the Divine. Through the crystal ball, the Divine can impart messages, lessons, warnings, and nuggets of wisdom. And in turn, you may communicate with the Divine through this very same medium.

Obsidian Glass Ball from the Moonlight Shop

Our ancestors and scrying

Our ancestors used the clouds during the day and the reflection of the moon in a puddle of water at night to scry. Many witches of today use the crystal ball to stimulate psychically induced images and perform scrying.

Our ancestors existing before the era of cellphones and an internet connection, and relied on nothing but the written word carried by a messenger or the spoken word, would turn to scrying and people were away from loved ones, scrying was one way to keep an eye on their loved ones and predict their situation.

The world was a much bigger place then which they could not traverse the same way we do now.

What will you see?

So what does one see in the puddles of water, mirrors, candle flames, and crystal balls? Well, usually irregular shapes or clear images from the past. What makes each experience unique is that it is up to the scryer to interpret the images that come up in the reflective surface, which, if the scryer wants to hone this skill and read with accuracy, should involve a lot of practice. A mark of an advanced scryer is the ability to read and interpret messages anytime and anywhere.

Scrying a learned skill

Scrying is a learned skill. Just like riding a bike is or driving a stick shift car. For the beginner, do not be intimidated by the practice since there is no right or wrong interpretation. Different things work for different people, so do not be afraid to experiment. Even if say you have the innate talent, there is still a learning curve you need to get past before you experience growth and a deeper understanding of the practice.

What to expect

When starting out, there will be times when you feel like you’re hitting a wall. And then there are times when you see a sliver of hope because things are working well. With this, I say, just keep on going! Because you will come to realize that there are more highs than lows in learning scrying. Some spend weeks, months, years, it is different for everyone. But the sooner you start, the sooner you come close to learning it well.

Why bother learning scrying?

You might wonder why would you wanna bother learning scrying? What will scrying do for you?

Everyone has this natural interest in what the future holds or what the present situation is trying to tell them. It can be about careers, financial situations, health, and relationships.

But the changeable quality of the future can become clearer to you through practice and careful and cautious study and contemplation of the symbols, images and messages that are shown to you. This way, you can make effective choices in your life and influence your destiny.

The most learned witches are expert scryers and are able to discern and interpret what is revealed to them, in whatever form it is presented.