Celebrate the Turning of the Seasons with a
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This poster is a colorful and detailed representation of the 8 sabbats, with each sabbat's most common elements depicted in stunning detail.

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a celebration of the turning wheel of the year.

The FREE Wheel of the Year poster displays the 8 sabbats. 

With each sabbat featuring elements that represent that specific sabbat. 

The sun is in the center of the poster, reminding us of the warmth and light that we can draw upon throughout the year. Whether you're an experienced Wiccan or just starting out, this poster is a valuable resource for understanding the turning of the seasons.

  • Reminder of new beginnings: The poster is a powerful reminder that there is always a new beginning right around the corner. By connecting with the cycles of nature, you can find hope and inspiration even in difficult times.

  • Calming presence: The poster's beautiful design can be a calming presence in your home or altar space. When you need a moment of peace, simply look at the poster and reflect on the wheel of the year.

  • Understanding the seasons: The poster can help you understand how the changing seasons affect your life and your spiritual practice. By reflecting on the elements and symbols associated with each sabbat, you can deepen your connection to the natural world.

  • Inspiration for celebration: The poster is also a great source of inspiration for celebrating the sabbats. Use the poster to plan and decorate for each holiday, and to create meaningful rituals that honor the spirit of the season.

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