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There's a lot of ways to enjoy your guide! But if you want to do it the Moonlight way, here's how...

  • Read it where you're most comfortable! 

    You can download and read it straight from your phone or tablet. For a bigger screen, try doing it from your PC. Like it old school? Hook your phone up to a computer and print out the pages. (We like the third option best!)

  • Like school, but better. 

    Reading (and taking notes, if you want) may seem like such a chore. You're reminded of long school days, with you just wishing the recess bell would ring. But not with this guide! Read it aloud, have a group discussion with friends, read it from the bathtub, or savor it with a bottle of wine.

  • Practice makes what?

    You've read the guide. You've taken down notes. What's next? Turn ideas into action, of course! This is the part where you whip up your tools, put on your witch's hat (figurative or not)... and do your magick!

Of course, any good witch should be equipped with the right tools. Whether you're only beginning, or already experienced in spellcasting, you should have a pentacle that suits your needs.

Well, you're in luck, because you can get stunning pentacles here: