The Triple Spiral Necklace

  • This Triple Spiral Necklace is an old symbol that has been used since the birth of mankind and is found in many ancient cultures and religions.

    This gives a sense of connection with the divine and a knowing that even though you are many years apart, your ancestors have known and worn this very same symbol.

    The spirals are made up of circles moving forward. This represents the movement of life and how even though life often consists of repeated patterns, it's never the exact same. Just like this winter and last years winter isn't identical.

    This way the triple spiral helps you make sense of everyday life and appreciate each and every moment as a unique experience.

    Has A Unique Design:

    This necklace has a very unique design. Even though the spiral is thousands of years old, not many people wear it today. Most people will feel a sense of recognition when they see the symbol, which makes this necklaces the perfect conversation starter.

    (Some of the) Meanings associated with The Triple Spiral:  

    • Simplicity (the spiral is the simplest labyrinth)
    • Fertility (a 9 month pregnancy takes 3/4 of the year)
    • Release of bad feelings
    • Connection with the gods
    • Awareness of your inner self
    • Revolution (great for new beginnings)
    • The rule of Three
    • Heaven, Earth and Sea
    • Birth, Life and Rebirth
    • Connection with nature (spirals are seen all over in nature)

    Made From Safe Materials in the US:

    The pendant is handcasted here in the US and made from lead- and nickelfree pewter, which makes is very durable and allergy safe. This is a pendant that will be in your possession and help you, for many years to come.

    Dimensions and cord:

    The pendant measures approx. 1" x 1.25" inches. The leather cords are adjustable with around. 2" and comes with a lobster clasp. The cotton cord is approx. 30" long and comes unbound.


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