Ancestors of Wisdom Bundle

  • NOTE: This is a limited offer and only available this weekend and while stock last.

    The Ancestors of Protection bundle, helps you reconnect with your past, and gives you wisdom and power from your Ancestors, so you can take control of your life and journey.

    In this limited bundle, you'll find:

    The Triple Moon Goddess Pendant:

    The Triple Moon of the Goddess pendant calls upon the life giving powers of the Goddess while conveying her protection upon the bearer. 

    The pendant is symbolic for the maiden, mother and crone and the 3 stages of life. It will protect and empower you in your daily life, when you wear it. 

    The Pentacle of Ancestors Pendant:

    The Pentacle of Ancestors is a beautiful necklace that helps you connect with your ancestors.

    The design is based on the original Pentacle and resembles the ones Witches and Pagans would wear hundreds of years ago.

    he Pentacle is double, which represents how the earth and heaven (life and death) are connected. This helps you connect and communicate with our ancestors.

    The Triple Spiral Pendant:

    This Triple Spiral Necklace is an old symbol that has been used since the birth of mankind and is found in many ancient cultures and religions.

    This gives you a connection with the divine and a knowing that even though you are many years apart, your ancestors has known and worn this very same symbol.

    The spirals is made up of circles moving forward. This represents the movement of life and how even though life often consist of repeated patterns, it's never the exactly same. Just like this winter and last years winter aren't identical. 

    Handmade From Quality Materials: These pendants are made from lead-free and nickel-free pewter. It is hand casted to ensure you get the best possible quality, so you can wear this necklace as much as you like for as long as you like, without worrying about allergies or durability.

    Cord & Dimensions: The pendant measures approx. 1 1/8 inches and comes with a cord of your choosing (genuine leather or cotton).


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