Your Spirit Guardian Is A Dragon!

When you have a Dragon as your guardian spirit, it will serve as your protector and your guide. You will never feel alone, as the Dragon's mighty presence will shine upon your everyday tasks, like a lighthouse showing you the way.

Dragons are known for their strength and fierce demeanor. A Dragon commands respect. It has an aura about it that's overflowing with honor and dignity. When you're with your Dragon guardian, its presence will fill you up — and like the Dragon, you will also feel strong and mighty.

Now that you know your guardian spirit, it's time to level up your magick...

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Dragon Guardian NecklaceDragon Guardian Necklace
Power and Protection BundlePower and Protection Bundle
The Eternal Moon Guardian NecklaceThe Eternal Moon Guardian Necklace
The Draconian PentacleThe Draconian Pentacle
Protectors of NatureProtectors of Nature
Dragon Guardian In Triquetra ShirtDragon Guardian In Triquetra Shirt
The Solitary Practitioner BundleThe Solitary Practitioner Bundle
Clearing the Path BundleClearing the Path Bundle
Moon Guardian KeychainMoon Guardian Keychain
Double Dragon Book of ShadowsDouble Dragon Book of Shadows
The The
Dragon's Blood Incense ConesDragon's Blood Incense Cones
Dragon Is My Guardian ShirtDragon Is My Guardian Shirt
Dragon is my Guardian MugDragon is my Guardian Mug
Dragon Guardian In Triquetra MugDragon Guardian In Triquetra Mug
Dragon In Human Form ShirtDragon In Human Form Shirt