“To heal, cleanse, and purify — this is what you were put on this earth to do. 🧹”

You are a Cleansing Witch

You have a special and unique gift, which allows you to do many good deeds with the time given to you. For you, it's NEVER too late to start again, to make a fresh start, to experience a new beginning. Healing and second chances are for everyone, you always say.

You show your love for others by cleansing on their behalf. You are a thoughtful witch and you know that others appreciate your thoughts and actions! No negative energy is strong enough to faze you, and nothing is so bad that a smudge stick can't work its magick on!

Every witch needs his or her magick tools and some tools are better suited for a particular type of witch...

Now that you know what type of witch you are, it's time to level up your magick...

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The Phoenix of Change
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