Prepare Yourselves For The Return of The Sun God, Moonlight Club Members!

Prepare Yourselves For The Return of The Sun God, Moonlight Club Members!

Our exclusive Moonlight Membership program has just dispatched its goodies for our members for the month of January.

Our theme for this month is "The Return of the Sun God."

The days are slowly getting longer...

...for the Sun God is making His way back to Earth! :)

This month, we have cool products with strong yellow hues - which is the right way to do it -  to help you prepare for the arrival of the Sun God!

Whether it's by wearing a Wheel of the Year hoodie or using a Triple Moon mug or wearing a Phoenix of Change necklace, you are celebrating the rebirth and the return of the Sun God!

We are giving our Moonlight Club members:

Wheel of the Year Hoodie (White)

This Wheel of the Year hoodie is perfect to mark the end of Yule. This is very special because it shows you the wheel of life -- and that you don't need to fear endings which are actually just new beginnings. 

You can see the next Sabbat, which is Imbolc and you can start preparing for the arrival of Spring. 

The Phoenix of Change

This necklace symbolizes rebirth, which accurately captures what's happening to the Sun God.

But not only for the Sun God -- you can also use this time to be reborn. With the Phoenix of Change necklace, think of how you would like to be reborn and the new qualities you would like to foster in yourself. 

Triple Moon Mug

This mug is perfect because it shows gratitude to the Mother Goddess. 

As you know, the Mother Goddess just gave birth to the Sun God and she is in a period of resting. 

It is tradition to light every lamp in the house or light candles in each room in honor of the Sun’s rebirth and in gratitude to the Mother Goddess.

The colors gold and yellow are associated with this time, which is why your items feature bright gold and yellow colors for this month. :)

If you are already a member, sit tight, because our delivery witch is now on her way to you!

If you are not a member yet, and you want to be a part of this exclusive club, go read all about it and sign up here: The Moonlight Club

Finally, we want to give out HUGE thanks to all of our Moonlight members, who are helping us empower Wiccans and Pagans all over the world!

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