May Goodies For Our Moonlight Club Members!

May Goodies For Our Moonlight Club Members!

Our exclusive Moonlight Membership program has just dispatched its goodies for our members for the month of May. 

Our theme for this month is “Keep The Fire Burning Within.” 

May is the month of the union of the God and the Goddess. It is a period of fertility and the month when Beltane is celebrated. The God was stirred by the energies at work and desired the Goddess!

It is a time of unions, oneness, commitments, handfastings, fertility, sexuality, and sensuality. It is the season of maturing and deep love. The symbol for this season is the fire. 

So this month, in keeping with the theme, we are giving our Moonlight Club members these cool and meaningful items:

The Tree of Life Unisex T-Shirt

This shirt is very special because it reminds us that there are more than meets the eye in every creation, which is why we should have an open mind and an understanding heart, which is at the center of unity. It also encourages us care for our souls the way we care for our outer appearance - because they reflect each other. 

The Flames of Man Necklace

This necklace shows the flames. The flame that is burning inside of you should have the same intensity as the flames that lit your bonfires for Beltane. This is your constant reminder of to keep the fire alive in you, no matter what the season. 

I Like My Coffee How I Like My Magick Mug

This beautiful mug is something every cool and proud witch should have! It reminds you of how truly fun it is to be a Wiccan! It is not a serious, no-fun path. If you look closely, you will see how Wicca is full of fun, laughter, and celebrations!

If you are already a member, sit tight, because our delivery witch is now on her way to you! 

If you are not a member yet, and you want to be a part of this exclusive club, go read all about it and sign up here: The Moonlight Club

Finally, we want to give out a HUGE thanks to all of our Moonlight members, who are helping us empower Wiccans and Pagans all over the world!

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