Happy New Year To Our Monthly Club Members!

Happy New Year To Our Monthly Club Members!

Our exclusive Moonlight Membership program has just dispatched its goodies for our members for the month of November.

Our theme for this month is “a New Year.

After Samhain is the start of a new year...

...it's the perfect time for new beginnings

After Samhain celebrations wind down, the energies for powerful change are so strong.

You should take advantage of that.

This month, whatever you want to achieve and what you want to let go will be easier done. 

Whether it's by wearing a new beginnings shirt, or using a new beginnings mug, or wearing a new beginnings necklace, you are filling your life with new energy for a new you!

We are giving our Moonlight Club members a chance for a happy new year with our Monthly club products:

The New Beginnings T-Shirt

This shirt is very special because it puts you in the changing mindset! You will naturally want to try out new things, open your mind to new thoughts and be a new version of yourself. 

The New Beginnings Necklace

This necklace features a snake, which is the symbol of new beginnings. A snake sheds its skin, and it's a natural part of its life. 

Just like the snake, you also have the opportunity to shed your old skin and start over any time you feel it's time. 

The beauty of wearing this during a new year is the forces of change are so strong that any resistance you feel will be overpowered by your desire to change. 

The New Beginnings Mug

This mug is perfect because whatever liquid you will be drinking from this mug will be infused with the spirit of change and starting anew. 

In the morning, you have the chance to start over. At work, you can take a drink from this and drop the negativity and start over, start anew, let positivity win. 

Not every mug can have such a great effect... only your New Beginnings Mug :)

If you are already a member, sit tight, because our delivery witch is now on her way to you!

If you are not a member yet, and you want to be a part of this exclusive club, go read all about it and sign up here: The Moonlight Club

Finally, we want to give out HUGE thanks to all of our Moonlight members, who are helping us empower Wiccans and Pagans all over the world! 

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