Happy Month Of Fertility To Our Moonlight Club Members!

Happy Month Of Fertility To Our Moonlight Club Members!

Our exclusive Moonlight Membership program has just dispatched its goodies for our members for the month of May.

Our theme for this month is "Fertility."

May is the month of Beltane as well as Mother's Day.

It's the most fertile month of the year. 

It's through fertility we were created...

...and through fertility comes bounty and blessings. :)

For the month of May, our Moonlight Club members will get a shirt, necklace, and a mug that promotes fertility for a more bountiful life!

Love of the Sun and Moon Shirt

This shirt is very special because it perfectly captures the union of the God and Goddess that gave birth to all creation. We have their union to thank for the beauty that surrounds us and the beauty within us. 

Wearing this shirt, you will radiate with loving energy that will open you up to relationships, career opportunities, and everything that makes your life richer!

Triquetra Luxury Bangle

The Triquetra is one of the oldest ancient Celtic symbols of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone. It also symbolizes fertility and enables you, the wearer, to live a richer and more fulfilling life.

This necklace is one excellent way to remind you that you should not be slogging through life. That it could be better, richer, more fulfilling if you just open yourself up to the world around you. 

Live By The Sun, Love By The Moon Mug

This mug reminds you that there is a duality within you -- the Sun God and the Moon Goddess are there, which is why you sometimes feel like a contradiction. 

Are you both introverted and extroverted? Both feminine and masculine? Both love night and day? 

Don't fret because that only means the love of the Divine is alive within you. Embrace yourself because if you think about it, you are the ultimate proof of fertility. :)

If you are already a member, sit tight, because our delivery witch is now on her way to you!

If you are not a member yet, and you want to be a part of this exclusive club, go read all about it and sign up here: The Moonlight Club

Finally, we want to give out a HUGE thanks to all of our Moonlight members, who are helping us empower Wiccans and Pagans all over the world!

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