An Exclusive Yule Basket For Our Monthly Club Members!

An Exclusive Yule Basket For Our Monthly Club Members!

Our exclusive Moonlight Membership program has just dispatched its goodies for our members for the month of December.

Our theme for this month is "A Blessed Yule."

The longer nights this Yule season has great benefits.

Hunkering down this Yule means...

  • more time to reflect and cast spells of change and gratitude
  • more time to do moon magick (the Mother Goddess is with you)
  • more time to do some writing in your Book of Shadows (to chart your growth)

You should take advantage of the season's conditions. 

This month, we have cool products to help you through the Yule season. 

Whether it's by wearing an Ugly Yule sweatshirt or using a Love Is For Everyone mug, or wearing a Solstice Solar Cross necklace, you are filling your life with new energy for a new you!

We are giving our Moonlight Club members 

Ugly Yule Sweatshirt (Green)

This sweatshirt is very special because it puts you and everyone else in a merry, positive and grateful mood.

Christmas season is a time of festivities and family gatherings and family is also something to be thankful for this season. How about casting a spell for your loved ones?

Solstice Solar Cross Necklace

This necklace with your birthstones is something you should wear around your neck during Yule season. 

Even when the nights are longer, don't forget the Sun God will make his way back soon with longer days. 

Charge this necklace with the rays of the sun and watch your strength, energy, and confidence grow. With your personal birthstone, the effects are multiplied!

Love Is For Everyone - Ugly Christmas Mug

This mug is perfect because whatever liquid you will be drinking from this mug will be infused with the spirit of love, merriment, joy, and gratitude. 

When you start to feel a little bit too cold, take a drink from this and watch as the sad and sluggish feeling decrease. With every sip you take, the negative weakens and the feelings of optimism grow. 

Not every mug can have such a great effect... only your Love is For Everyone - Ugly Christmas Mug :)

If you are already a member, sit tight, because our delivery witch is now on her way to you!

If you are not a member yet, and you want to be a part of this exclusive club, go read all about it and sign up here: The Moonlight Club

Finally, we want to give out HUGE thanks to all of our Moonlight members, who are helping us empower Wiccans and Pagans all over the world!

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