Gemstones: Meanings and Uses

Gemstones: Meanings and Uses

Each gemstone holds its own meaning, energy and symbolic correspondence. In other practices, and particularly in magick, gemstones are prized for their healing properties and their ability to channel energies. 

How you can use gemstones in your magickal workings really depends on what you desire and what you seek. Being aware of the inherent properties of each gemstone is fundamental to being a Wiccan in order to reap its benefits.

Gemstones Connection to The Earth

Gemstones are beautiful things. They are highly valued since it is believed that gemstones are made with the same stuff that souls are made of. They are strongly connected to the Earth, and have the natural ability to make your spirit soar! Gemstones are considered the manifestation of the Earth’s compassion.

This is probably why there is a corresponding birthstone for every date of birth. Each of us has his or her own birthstone. And that birthstone is the stone you are strongly connected to and will respond to.

Gemstones Healing Powers

Crystals also have the ability to heal both your body and your mind. Don’t regard gemstones as inanimate objects, for they are cut from the same cloth as our souls, and they do have a consciousness.

Stones are also willing to have a person’s disease transferred to them, and hold on to them until the time comes that they can be completely flushed away.

Gemstones and Spell Casting

In casting a spell, if you work with a gemstone that you have a strong connection with, this will only make the spell stronger. Gemstones have the power to amplify the power of your spell.

Gemstones as Containers of Energy

Gemstones are a common fixture on a Witch’s altar, and not just for beautification. Gemstones have the ability to hold on to energies and contain them. This is why they are always on the list of the most popular altar tools. And they really should have their place on your altar.

It is important to note that being containers of energy, gemstones are rarely “fresh.” They hold the energies of their previous owners, like the people who mined them, the people who cut, polished and sold them, and even those people who had previously held them in their hands.

So make sure to cleanse any gems you purchase before wearing them and placing them on your altar (just like you would with new Wicca jewelry). And take time to cleanse them before and after every use.

Gem Stones and Their Meanings

Here are just some of the popular gemstones used in magick and their meanings:

Amethyst- appears in a wide range of purple and violet colors. It is associated with the element of water. It is used to treat anxiety disorders and provide stress relief, while sharpening the mind and enhancing powers of intuition.

Agate- typically found in brown or gold stone, it is related to matters of the mind. So use this in workings related to depression, low energy, and mental health. A popular use for it is for healing from bad memories, and overcoming feelings of sadness and loneliness.

Amber- appearing in shades of yellow and orange, it is associated with fire and the energy of the sun. It is related to the throat chakra, and used in magick related to confidence, it is used in rituals for strength, and also used to negative energy to positive.

Diamond- tied to both the element of Air and Fire, it is used to treat fertility problems and sexual dysfunction. This gem is good accompaniment in astral traveling and meditation.

Garnet- blood red in color and sometimes appearing in shades of purple, this stone is used to treat reproductive problems and regulate menstrual cycles. The garnet is deeply connected to the mystery of women’s bodies and is best used in moon magick.

Jade- this pale green stone is the symbol of purity, love, innocence, and honesty. It is connected to the element of Earth and is healing to the internal organs of the body.

Rose Quartz- this is connected to the heart chakra, and rightly so, is a symbol of love and relationships. Use it in magickal workings related to love and friendship, giving and receiving love, and relief from emotional turmoil and healing from emotional wounds.

Sapphire- appearing in various shades of blue, this stone is strongly connected to the element of Water. It is used to treat problems with breathing and problems with the respiratory system. Use the Sapphire in magick related to prophesies and spirit guides.

What is your birth stone? How has it helped you in your magick?

I'd like to know! Please share your story with us in the comments section. :)

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